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The what are you seeking for part, entered egg and it let me through ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. In the end, I got to the part with the blue screen, after the password is "g o d".

That was really awesome! I loved the graphics and the simple SFX. I'm not sure if I reached the end, I feel like there's more but I can't seem to progress. I'm excited to see what you do in the future!

thanks a lot! if you need a hint, let me know :)

that was an amazing experience


You Have Done Well
But The Program Is Incomplete
The Other Part You Will Find
In A Colorless World


In all seriousness, it is suppoused to not display the menu after this right?

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yep. Once you've reached the end of that path, you can't go back.

or if you reaaaally wish to go back you can delete the save file in AppData\LocalLow\DefaultCompany\LD41  edit: not sure where this file is stored on linux

Yep, thought as much.  Oh well.

Meeting HIM was great, the music selection hypnotized me! That's why I wanted to continue.

Will follow what you dev from now on. Thanks for a great experience.

No, thank You! :)  also thanks for the support and playing to the end! It means a lot. I hope you'll like the future stuff too :)

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The concept and the execution is just great! I'm glad you placed in the  LD top ten.

I was wondering if you could release a x86_64 version for Linux, please

Thanks so much! :)

The x86_64 should be up now! I forgot to build both versions for Linux :) Let me know if it has any issues.

Thank you! Hopefully Darkade becomes a thing.

This is a pretty cool game, I never wondered about the edge of the screen but now I always will.

thanks :D I enjoyed your playthrough very much.

Pretty awesome. Liked how you kept the 8-bit graphics to match up with the original Breakout.

Wrote a review about it here:

Thanks for playing, and thanks so much for the review!  :)